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About Us:

Harvest Group consists of the following independent corporate entities that offer broad base financial market product and services to clients in Pakistan Harvest Topworth International (HTI)
HTI is the first company in Pakistan to introduce conventional and online trading facilities in FOREX, CFDS and futures markets through foreign principals. Harvest Topworth International is no more acting as Introducing Broker and not providing services except to the existing clients of foreign principals.

Harvest Smartrend Securities (Pvt) Limited (HSS)
Corporate Member Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited, Membership #101. The company acquired membership in the year 2000. HSS is a full-service equity brokerage house and acquired LOTS terminal installed at the company exchange office at LSE Building.

H. G. Markets
HG Markets, is the corporate member of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) and offers top of the line trading facilities for market participants interested to trade in futures contracts offered by PMEX. Building on the heritage of Harvest Topworth International, HG Markets serves the investment & trading needs of customers around the country. We provide a wide range of benchmark futures and products available on the exchange, covering all major asset classes, acting as a portal where buyers and sellers trade commodities.